StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5.2.6 (WinPE 10) Final

The StorageCraft Recovery Environment and ShadowProtect are both parts of the StorageCraft Recover-Ability™ solution. This solution provides you with all the products and services you need to protect and recover data, applications, and systems anytime, anywhere, and from any disaster.

As any seasoned IT professional knows, disasters happen and business needs change. The StorageCraft Recovery Environment gives you the ability to back up systems, restore to different hardware or to virtual machines, and migrate to a new physical or virtual environment. Additionally, the StorageCraft Recovery Environment includes utilities to aid swift recoveries such as auto-repair and diagnostics.

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StorageCraft offers two recovery environment options:

– This environment comes ready to go. If you prefer using a pre-built recovery environment, then you can use the StorageCraft Recovery Environment CrossPlatform.
– If you are familiar with the previous StorageCraft Recovery Environment, or if you prefer using a Windows-based user interface, you may prefer this environment. However, this environment requires you to build it.

A necessary component of stress-free IT recovery
Scenarios for which administrators, technicians, and other IT pros use StorageCraft Recovery Environment:

– Restoring a Windows system volume that cannot boot on its own
– Backing up a non-bootable system before attempting a restore operation
– Performing bare metal recovery when old hardware is damaged beyond repair
– Recovering an accidentally deleted file or folder
– Migrating to new hardware or a virtual environment

What’s involved in building the Windows-based recovery environment?

You’ll download the StorageCraft Recovery Environment Builder to create your recovery environment with Microsoft Windows PE (WinPE). StorageCraft Recovery Environment Builder walks you through the necessary steps.

These steps are simple and include downloading the free Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK), which contains WinPE. You only have to build your recovery environment once and, except for the 2GB ADK download, the process takes only a few minutes.

Choice of recovery environment:

– Build your own custom Windows recovery environment with a familiar user interface and extensive driver support
– Easily load additional drivers needed to access existing storage within the Recovery Environment for Windows
– Have the convenience of a pre-built tool with Recovery Environment CrossPlatform so you don’t have to create one


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