PortForward Network Utilities 3.0.20 With Serial Key !

Port Forward Network Utilities portable configure your router, setup static IP addresses forward ports with ease. It’s a suite of software to help get your ports forward. Our Network Utilities suite includes everything you need to diagnose, troubleshoot. And fix port forwarding issues, including: …

• Accessing your security cameras when you are away
• Forwarding ports to both Xbox and PlayStation consoles
• Setting up a server at homes, such as Minecraft or Teamviewer
• Speeding up torrent downloads
• Finding your router on your network
• Optimizing your router
• Testing ports on your network
• Recover lost router passwords

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How It Works:

Forwarding a port should be easy!
Our software is the easiest way to get an open port. Here’s how it works.

  1. First, you run the Router Detector to locate your router on your network and ensure that you only have 1 router.
  2. After that, you use the Static IP Setter to ensure that your PC has a static IP address. This is helpful in diagnosing open port issues because some routers refuse to forward a port to a dynamic IP address.
  3. Then you run PFConfig to set up a port forward in your router. PFConfig logs in to your router and configures it automatically.
  4. Finally, you use the Port Checker to see if your port is open. You specify the port that you want to test and our server tries to connect. When our server connects then we know that the port has been forwarded and is now open.


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