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Xmanager Enterprise 5.0 Build 1236 Download Now

Xmanager Enterprise – allows users to regulate remote server systems, to use remote applications and to transfer files and printing jobs between heterogeneous systems securely from their Windows digital computer so it makes potential to integrate the complete

Xmanager Enterprise is an all-in-one answer that features Xmanager 3D, Xshell, Xftp and Xlpd in a single package.
Xmanager 3D allows you to share 3D (OpenGL) X window applications and Xshell allows you to manage remote Unix/Linux servers with a secure terminal.You may also like to get Streaming Audio Recorder 1.4.0

Xftp permits you to transfer files between systems simply and securely. additionally, Xlpd offers local printing for remote documents on alternative systems.

All programs included in this product share a common SSH (Secure Shell) security module and interoperate with each other. This provides customers with an excellent convenience and improved productivity that can’t be found on the other competitive product.

Since these various options are integrated into one package, customers will expect easier purchase, installation, and maintenance further as a reduced total price of ownership.


  • Connection and Startup:
  • Xbrowser program for managing multiple Xstart and XDMCP sessions
  • Xbrowser manages sessions for Xmanager, Xshell, and Xftp
  • XDMCP, SSH, RSH, REXEC, RLOGIN, and TELNET association protocols
  • Up to 128 X consumer connections per Xmanager session
  • Shortcuts for Xstart and XDMCP sessions
  • Advanced prompt parsing and command scripting in Xstart
  • Secure XDMCP for XDMCP association to the skin of firewall or private
  • network


  •  Support for Windows 2000 SP4 and above
  •  Windows Terminal Server, Citrix XenServer for Windows
  •  Session sharing for Windows terminal service
  •  Silent Installation
  •  Multi-user configuration
  •  simple distribution of sessions and server profiles
  •  Supports user defined session path


  •  Integrated SSH1/SSH2 protocols with public key authentication
  •  SSH key generation wizard
  •  SSH agent support through Xshell
  •  Host-based Access control
  •  XDMCP affiliation through SSH Security Tunneling

X Server:

  •  A superior X11R7 computer X server
  •  Supports GLX one.3 and OpenGL one.2 (Xmanager Enterprise Edition only)
  •  X Rendering extension protocol
  •  Multiple server configurations
  •  Multi-user support
  •  Multiple monitor support
  •  Support for multiple network adaptors
  •  Multiple XDMCP sessions
  •  Automatic show variety allocation
  •  Single & multiple window mode
  •  Panning and automobile Raise support on native window manager
  •  Multi-visual support
  •  256-color emulation in the true-color video device
  •  Automatic color substitution for PseudoColor visual
  •  Backing Store support
  •  Full Plane mask feature for 256-color applications
  •  Mouse wheel support
  •  3 button mouse emulation
  •  Graphical keyboard written material
  •  On the fly keyboard change with a hotkey
  •  Sound file support for XBell request
  •  local Resource info
  •  Printing in multiple window mode
  •  Automatic Cut & Paste between X and MS Windows applications
  •  Tray icon


  •  Font compiler
  •  Font server support
  •  BDF, PCF font format
  •  Automatic font substitution
  •  Further font packages for every language and X application

What’s New

  • Title Release: NetSarang.Xmanager.Enterprise.5.0.Build.1236
  • Developer: Home Page
  • License: software
  • OS: Windows




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