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SplitView 2018 Download Free

SplitView could be a lightweight software application whose purpose is to assist you to split an outsized monitor system into multiple ones, therefore, you’ll improve your productivity.

Key Features

  1. Look for the utility within the system tray
    • you’ll notice the applying residing quietly within the system receptacle while not busy along with your work. A double-click on its icon releases the configuration panel wherever you’ll tweak the method very well. additionally, you’ll simply change or disable the rending mode.
  2. Configuration settings
    • SplitView is ready to introduce ‘Go Left’ and ‘Go Right’ buttons inside every window, therefore, you’ll simply move a program to a particular a part of the desktop. Plus, you’ll build the appliance don’t add buttons to a definite list of programs (e.g. Skype, Yahoo! Messenger).
    • What’s a lot of, you’ll add window menus for attending to the left or right and up or down aspect of the desktop, and make a listing with utilities that their menus don’t seem to be changed?
    • you’ll build use of planned hotkeys for moving and resizing panels, disable SplitView for user-defined applications, also as restore any settings to the default ones just in case you’re not proud of the results.
  3. Advanced choices
    • Advanced parameters help you split the desktop horizontally into a custom range of equal elements or divide it into 2 elements with a particular range of pixels on the left and on the proper. Plus, you’ll run the tool at Windows startup and move the windows while not resizing them.
    • Last however not least, you’ll split your secondary monitor together with the first one, stop windows from popping up within the middle of the monitors, maximize windows to at least one monitor (not across multiple ones), keep the Windows taskbar to at least one monitor, also as automatically notice the amount of monitors and change the screen division.
  4. Bottom line
    • beat all, SplitView comes with support for many good options for serving to you divide the house of your screen with efficiency. It remains lightweight on system resources, therefore, your computer’s performance isn’t hampered.

Release Information

  • Title: SplitView v2018
  • Developer: Vyooh, Inc.
  • License: software
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows



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