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Dropbox 40.4.46 Download Free

Dropbox could be a free service that allows you to bring all of your videos, photos, and docs anyplace and share them simply. this suggests that any file you save to your Dropbox can automatically save to all or any your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website. The program additionally makes it super simple to share with others, whether or not you’re a student or professional, parent or forebear. although you mistakenly spill a caffe latte on your laptop, haven’t any fear! you’ll be able to relax knowing that Dropbox continually has you coated, and none of your stuff can ever be lost. the appliance works similar to the other folder on your pc, however with a number of variations.

Key Features

  1. Synchronization:
    • Once installed, any file you drop into your Drop.box folder can synchronize and be accessible on the other pc you’ve put in it. on, moreover as from the net. Also, any changes you create two files in your Dropbox can set to your different computers, instantly.
  2. Backup:
    • Let’s say you mistakenly delete that 8-page report that you just were alleged to have for a gathering tomorrow. A handy Drop.box feature is that the ability to undelete files or pull up any previous versions of it.
  3. Sharing:
    • you’ll be able to additionally share files and folders with whomever you select, whether or not it’s music with buddies, docs with colleagues or photos with grandma, although they’re not Drop.box users.
  4. Speed:
    • we tend to obsess over speed, and it shows. Drop.box is incredibly good concerning the manner it handles files. for instance, if you create an amendment to a large file, it’ll solely update the piece of the file that modified.
  5. Security:
    • All files are transported over SSL and encrypted using AES-256 (banks use this too)

Release Information

  • Title: Dropbox v40.4.46
  • Developer: Home Page
  • License: software
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows


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