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Cryptography v1.4.3 With (Unlock) APK Free Download Latest


Cryptography is a cipher, hashing, encoding and gaining knowledge of tool for all ages. My purpose is to make this app a primary cryptography device around Google Play. I do this by myself as a hobby like my different apps too, so progress might be sluggish. try out and notice greater!

★ rate, provide remarks and inform me what ciphers you need to see on destiny releases ★
Giving a one famous person score without reason or touch is stupid!

• Scytale cipher.
• Atbash cipher.
• Caesar cipher.
• Rot 1 – 25 cipher.
• Affine Cipher.
• Rail Fence cipher.
• key-word cipher.
• Beaufort cipher.
• Templar Cipher with picture sends feature.
• Porta cipher.
• Vigenere cipher.
• Gronsfeld Cipher.
• Autokey cipher.
• 1st Baron Beaverbrook Cipher.
• Chaocipher.
• Playfair cipher.
• two-rectangular cipher (currently encrypt).
• Tri-square cipher (presently encrypt).
• four-square cipher (presently encrypt).
• BIFID cipher.
• Hill Cipher with editable Matrix.
• visual Cryptography.
• Enigma cipher with saveable settings.
• RSA cipher with custom keys
• Blowfish cipher
• Twofish cipher (subsequent gen Blowfish)
• Rijndael (AES) cipher
• SCrypt (Password-based key derivation feature, in development)
• Elliptic Curve Diffie-helleman AES, much like Curve25519
• ChaCha cipher (Salsa20)
• Cast5 cipher.
• Cast6 cipher.

• Whirlpool zero / 1 / W (hashing)
• HMAC – SHA1 / SHA256 / SHA512 (advanced hashing)
• Adler32 (hashing)
• CRC – eight / sixteen / 24 / sixty four (hashing)
• ELF-32 (hashing)
• FCS-sixteen (hashing)
• HAS-160 (hashing)
• MD-2/4/5 (hashing)
• RIPEMD – 128 / 160 / 256 / 320 (hashing)
• SHA – 0 / 1 / 224 / 256 / 384 / 512 (hashing)
• Tiger – T / T2 / 128 / one hundred sixty (hashing)
• Sum – eight / sixteenpersonal home page example.
• SipHash hashing algorithm.

• Base64 encoder/cipher.
• Morse code encoder with sound playback. Sound can be demanding.
• Braille encoder.
• Semaphore encoder.
• faucet Code encoder.
• ASL (American signal Language) encoder.
• Pigpen encoder.
• Betamaze encoder.

• Crypto Messenger gives up-to-cease encrypted messaging. (My new app associated with this).
• consumer Puzzles.
• Checksum devise for text and files.
• custom Hmac SHA 1/256 + SHA256 password authentication digest creator device. (javaHypertext Preprocessor examples)
• report Encryption tool. read a tutorial from links which can be blanketed in rationalization view or in tool question mark.
• Hash Cracker for MD5 and SHA1 hashes (paintings in development).
• Password strength checker tool.
• Frequency analysis.
• ASCII desk (eight-bit/255) with the search feature.
• Binary, Hexadecimal, Decimal and Octal desk with the search function.
• textual content <-> Binary converter.
• Decimal <-> Binary converter.
• Hexadecimal <-> Binary converter.
• Integer(quantity) <-> Binary converter.
• Pseudo Random variety Generator (PRNG) with an explanation.
• AFSK (Audio Frequency-shift keying) generator. The receiver comes in destiny releases.
• Steganography, encrypt decrypt device in a construct.
• ASCII Font artwork device.
– consists of the hyperlink to an excellent online SHA1 cracker.

• Kryptos sculpture.
• Voynich manuscript.
• Dorabella’s letter.
• Beale Ciphers.
• Ricky Mc Cormick files.
• Zodiacs cryptograms.

• Experimental messaging function the usage of RSA with custom keys and uneven alternate device.
– I don’t collect personal records and this app is not sending private key’s anywhere. I’m describing this part on link under. Please examine it.
• read the way it works and where information goes, from here: _http://www.nitramite.com/messaging-manual.html

advert free purchase
• may be observed from proper nook menu.
• Press ‘retain’ to make payment.
• In case of app removal, tool trade or other case, use ‘repair’ button to restore purchase.

I ran out of description discipline restriction, relaxation of it’s far here: _http://www.nitramite.com/cryptography-description.html

➥ regular QR code generator. (asked)
➥ Nato phonetic alphabet
➥ T9
➥ Password generator device such as educational. (requested)

● advert unfastened Unlocked


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