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AVG PC Tuneup Download Free

AVG Pc Tuneup is your one-stop search to assist you to get the most out of your computer by fixing issues that slow you down. it’s designed so as to produce you with all the required tools for keeping your system in top-notch shape! AVG computer Tuneup 2016 will fix the problems moving your computer’s performance and ensures a quicker running PC. This software system suite provides over 18 tools to assist you to get the foremost out of your computer. AVG computer Tuneup scans your computer for issues that block your pc and additionally identifies privacy traces of your browsing activity, and this program fixes the issues and cleans privacy traces. The software stops freeze and blinking your computer, the automated improvement and maintenance of your computer keep your computer at peak performance.

AVG computer Tuneup 2016 regularly works in the background to assist your computer forever run at high speed. additionally, AVG computer Tuneup will extend your battery life and release valuable space.

Key Features

  1.  Turbo Mode. One click turns off over 70 unnecessary processes, releasing power for quicker browsing, gambling and videos.
  2.  Program Deactivator. Deactivates programs you never use to prevent them debilitating processor speed while not uninstalling them.
  3.  Startup Optimizer. Jump starts your computer by distinctive and recommending that excess begin programs and services to modify off.
  4. Startup Manager. Identifies and rates all startup programs, therefore you’ll tell at a look that are essential and that are simply fastness you down.
  5. Drive Defrag. Reorganizes the files on your hard drive to cut back boot times.
    Live optimisation. Works silently within the background, perpetually prioritizing all the applications and processes that are running to extend loading speed and computer performance.
  6. Automatic Start-Stop Mode. AVG computer Tuneup 2016 permits any programs that you just have deactivated with Program Deactivator to be reactivated during a single click. after you have finished exploitation them, they’re automatically deactivated once more, minimizing the drain on your processor power.
  7.  Disk Doctor. Crashes, hardware defects and power blackouts will cause filing system issues that stop programs from beginning. Disk Doctor helps forestall this drawback by totally checking files and fixing problems.
  8. Register Defrag. similar to a tough drive, your register finishes up packed with gaps because it grows and changes. register Defrag reorganizes your register to hurry performance and to get rid of issues accessing the info.
  9.  Register Cleaner. Helps stop system crashes and begin up problems by deleting or repairing the redundant, orphan or broken keys, pointers and entries that are cluttering your register.
  10.  Cutoff Cleaner. Helps you maintain a clean, uncluttered desktop by removing ‘dead’ shortcuts and empty folders on your desktop and begin menu.
  11. Economy Mode. considerably prolongs battery life by reducing the facility consumption of the processor, change off extra background processes and reducing the facility consumed by internal and external devices.
  12.  Space person. Analyzes internal and external hard drives, finds the 100 largest files that are taking over space and allows you to delete them.
  13.  Gain space. Frees space and speeds your computer by removing temporary files and browser traces that clog your disc drive.
  14. Shredder. traditional deletion doesn’t forever take away all the info. device frees space and deletes information securely; exploitation processes that guarantee it will ne’er be accessed by some other person.
  15. Automatic Maintenance. automatically performs routine maintenance once you’re not exploitation your laptop, as well as defragmenting your hard drive and register, mending broken files, removing broken shortcuts and a lot of.
  16.  One Click Maintenance. Saves time by acting dozens of tune-up steps at the same time, while not going in your method.
  17.  Optimisation standing. incessantly monitors your PC’s health to supply AN up-to-date list of performance boosting steps. the best thanks to keep track of your tune-up standing.
  18.  Update Wizard. automatically updates AVG computer TuneUp 2016 supported client feedback and analysis to create it even more practical.
  19. Repair Wizard. Performs up to 200 checks and displays recommendations prepared for you to action manually or mechanically
    Uninstall Manager. Identifies programs that are rarely or never used and helps you remove them quickly and simply, releasing space and dashing startup.
  20. Undelete. Prevents information loss by restoring previously deleted files – even when you’ve empty your Recycle Bin.
  21. Method manager. permits you to check all the processes running on your computer, therefore you’ll simply establish and eliminate resource hungry processes.
  22. Rescue Center. A single, easy-to-use interface to assist you revert back to your previous settings.
  23.  Written record Editor. With an easy-to-use search operate, register Editor makes piece of writing permissions easy and foolproof
    Styler. Makes it fast and straightforward to individualize your computer. combine and match dozens of recent new styles to administer Windows a look that’s distinctive to you.
  24.  Settings Center. Takes the effort out of improvement by delivery all of your most vital settings along in one easy-to-use window.
  25. Performance Report. Delivers simple to follow, customized recommendations for inflated laptop performance.
  26. Program Ratings. mechanically identifies that resource-intensive programs are worthwhile and that aren’t employing a easy star classification system.
  27. Additionally includes user community recommendations to assist you create informed performance boosting selections.
  28. System data. Tracks down vulnerabilities and errors to assist you unlock your PC’s full potential. Isolate and neutralize memory, C.P.U. and network intensive processes with simply a couple of clicks for optimum performance.

Release Information

  • Title: AVG computer Tuneup v16.76.3.18604
  • Developer: AVG Technologies
  • License: software
  • Language: multilingual
  • OS: Windows


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