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Advanced Uninstaller pro Crack free transfer makes it simple to remove all broken begin Menu shortcuts, to cover or show them at any time, and to alphabetically type the whole begin Menu. The program will find and delete temporary files left behind by Windows, Advanced Uninstaller pro Crack web explorer and different applications. you’ll be able to also tweak web Advanced Uninstaller pro Crack soul configuration settings, manage and uninstall fonts, uninstall unwanted control board applets, and perform different system tasks efficiently. Advanced Uninstaller professional Crack

What’s New?

The Portuguese language translation has been improved for each Advanced Uninstaller pro and Daily medical examination


simply uninstall applications and programs. The program starts a lot faster than the control board Add/Remove applications programme, and includes a handy fast search operate.
Uninstall, disable and alter control panel icons.
Disable or delete the programs that run at startup.
remove things left behind within the Add/Remove section when program uninstall.
Manage the fonts put in on your pc.
Hide, show or type your begin menu shortcuts. mechanically realize and delete the non-working shortcuts on your desktop and begin menu.
Uninstall web explorer toolbars, plug-ins, and BHOs (Browser Helper Objects).
find and delete garbage and temporary files.
Delete the recently open files list of programs like Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, ICQ, MSN, WinZip, RealPlayer, Kazaa, Morpheus, WinAmp, etc.
Delete the net history path (information regarding the pages you visited, addresses you wrote, cookies, etc).


SYSTEM necessities

Minimum 128MB RAM
80 MB free space

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